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Partnership development: Co-construction and knowledge mobilization regarding practices of active offer of French-language services in the mental health sector in three Canadian provinces:
Manitoba, New-Brunswick, and Ontario

Principal Investigator: L. Cardinal

Co-Investigators: S. Collin., D. de Moissac., A. P. Gauthier., C. Jutras., R. Laforest., M. Normand., J. Savard., S. Savard., M-C. Thifault. and
S. Yaya

Partners: A. Bédard., M. Castonguay., É. Chevaucherie., V. Cobigo., J. Desaulniers., M. Langis., D. Prud’homme., L. Richard., and M. Tremblay

Research Assistant: G. Deschênes-Thériault

Group de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les pratiques d'offre active de service en francais

In Canada, the active offer of French-language mental health services is essential to good communication between patients and health professionals (Société santé en français, 2014). Yet, practices of active offer are not universal in the country. For example, in Manitoba, New-Brunswick and Ontario, where 80% of Francophones outside of Québec reside, each province has distinct responsibilities for providing mental health services. Lack of data on practices of active offer in the mental health sector does not allow us to determine, from a legal perspective whether these provincial governments are meeting their obligations or, from an administrative perspective how they are managing, planning and delivering these services.


Proud of its collaboration with the Groupe de recherche interdisciplinaire sur les pratiques d’offre active de services en français (GRIPOAS), the CRaNHR is partnering on a new project regarding practices of active offer in the mental health sector in Manitoba, New-Brunswick, and Ontario. The project will create a space to mobilize knowledge on the active offer of mental health services while co-producing data of great scientific and social relevance. As a partner, the CRaNHR is responsible for developing the Knowledge Mobilization Plan, sits on the GRIPOAS Committee of Knowledge Mobilization and will oversee all data collection in Northern Ontario. 


Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) 2018.

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