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Strategic Plan


Since 1992, CRaNHR has been dedicated to conducting research on health workforce issues, health needs, access to quality health care and health outcomes for northern, and rural populations, with a growing focus on Indigenous and Francophone populations. CRaNHR is part of Canada’s Strategy for Patient Oriented Research (SPORand is one of 12 Ontario SPOR Support Unit (OSSU) Research Centres. CRaNHR is committed to the creation of new knowledge pertinent to the health of northern Ontarians and its timely dissemination and implementation.

Health equity for rural and northern Ontarians


We are located on the traditional territory of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek

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To be a leader in the conduct and uptake of rural and northern health research by fostering partnerships, informing decision making and engaging communities


Key Strategic Directions

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  • Produce local research that is also relevant at the national and international level.

  • Attract and train highly qualified researchers in rural and northern health.

To be a leader in national and international rural northern health research

  • Engage rural communities, Indigenous, Francophone and other northern populations in meaningful research and program evaluation.

  • Align our work with federal and provincial strategic planning and funding priorities.

To produce new knowledge in response to local needs

  • Demonstrate organizational commitment toward Staff, Faculty and Affiliated Investigators in developing skills, building existing and generating new areas of research.

  • Conduct and/or facilitate culturally safe research with our Indigenous and Francophone community partners.

To foster and sustain collaborative and inclusive relationships

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Our commitment to excellence in research that is inclusive and receptive to the needs, realities, sensitivities, and cultural safety of all stakeholders.


To develop and engage in genuine, respectful,
productive, and meaningful relationships for the
mutual benefit of all stakeholders in co-creating new
knowledge through joint research.


Our dedication to reliable, timely, and trustworthy knowledge production.


To uphold our core values, maintain research quality, and build local capacity to support future research.


Anchor 3
  • Lead an international, collaborative research program in rural and northern health.

  • Be a Centre of choice for graduate students, post-graduate fellows, and visiting scholars with professional interest in rural and northern health research.

  • Increase the production of scientific knowledge that receives national and international attention.

  • Host an international summit at Laurentian University with leading health researchers to reinvigorate rural health research.

To be a leader in national and international rural and northern health research

  • Enhance knowledge creation through NOSM Integrated Impact research and Ministry-supported research priorities. 


  • Leverage support for research and program evaluation in Francophone health.


  • Sustain and enhance the Centre’s reputation for Indigenous health research, and responsiveness to Indigenous communities.

To produce knowledge in response to local needs

  • Further develop skills and collaborative partnerships for research in the areas of rural and northern child health, immigrant health, and mental health and well-being.


  • Commit to knowledge translation and implementation that changes professional practices aimed at improving the health of Indigenous people, Francophone people and other Northern Ontario populations.


  • Strengthen and sustain relationships with all partners to facilitate patient-oriented research that reflects a rural and northern perspective.

To foster and sustain collaborative and inclusive relationships

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