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Examining the Access to and Quality of French Language Primary Health Care Services in Ontario

Principal Investigators: A.P. Gauthier, P.E. Timony

Co-Investigators: B. Sanou, E.F. Wenghofer, J.C. Hogenbirk, S. Seresse, J. Sabourin, G. Kpazai, D.Côté, J. Prpic et N. Goodale

Student Investigators: C. Jutras

Although we know a lot about the geographic distribution of Francophones in Ontario, we know less about the distribution of French-speaking physicians and even less about Francophones access to medical care services in French. Difficulties in accessing French-language medical care services may contribute to the poorer health status of Ontario Francophones. Members of this research team have found broad regional differences in the ratio of the Francophone population to French-speaking physicians in Ontario. Current projects aim to explore how this inequitable distribution of French-speaking physicians may impact access to quality health care services and the health status of Francophone populations using various research methods, such as:


  • secondary analyses of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario registry and Annual Membership Renewal Survey data to determine the distribution and practice patterns of French-speaking physicians in Ontario.

  • interviews with health care providers in Francophone communities in Northern Ontario to explore why Francophones express having so much difficulty receiving primary medical care services in French.

  • interviews with Francophones residing in strong French-speaking communities of Northern Ontario to assess their experience with French-speaking and Non-French speaking family physicians.


Findings from this program of research may help inform policy and improve the delivery of French-language health services in Ontario.


Funded by the Consortium national de formation en santé - Fonds national de recherche 2012; Consortium national de formation en santé - Fonds Université Laurentienne 2012; Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Health Systems Research Fund) 2013.

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